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AeroMedevac Couriers

An experienced and reputable courier service, providing vetted and professional couriers to ensure the safe and timely delivery each and every time.

AeroMedevac Couriers provides a professional and confidential courier service for the transfer of cryopreserved tissue to and from Ireland, the UK and internationally. Based in Dublin, Ireland, we ensure the safe transfer of biological materials, including embryos between medical facilities worldwide.

Our medical courier service includes:

Human Tissue Transfer

Stem Cell Transfer

The AeroMedevac Medical Courier Service provides a secure transport service internationally for the transfer of embryos, oocytes, gametes and irreplaceable IVF life science samples and tissue including stem cells.

The transport process ensures perfect condition of important contents by use of secure vessels. The material is transported in a dry shipper container, the SC 4/2V, which is the preferred vapour shipper for biological specimens.

  • The courier dry shipper service is approved by commercial airlines including Aer Lingus, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines
  • The dry shipper is accompanied at all times by an approved AeroMedevac international courier
  • We correspond with local regulatory authorities and customs import and export regulations
  • Flight and foreign customs documentation is managed for swift customs clearance
  • Delivery date and time is pre-alerted as part of the logistics planning with airlines, airports, the recipient hospital or clinic.

Useful Documents

Please find a list of useful documents below to download.

Couriers Brochure Checklist Dry Shipper Specification Nitrogen MSD’s

For the courier consent form please download and fill in the form below and email it to:
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Consent Form

Terms & Conditions

Please find forms relating to our Code of Practice and Security policy available for download below:

Code of Practice Security

Our Couriers

  • AeroMedevac Couriers are trained personnel who have experience in the transport of human tissue.
  • They can explain the relevant documentation to customs officials upon arrival.
  • Our couriers take the opportunity, when possible, to meet personally with security personnel to establish good working relationships.
  • AeroMedevac couriers conduct all transference with professionalism and reliability.
  • Our couriers will have been vetted by the appropriate security authorities, for example by the Garda Síochána, the Irish Police.
  • We contact the respective airport police authorities to ensure they are aware in advance of the arrival of the courier and to advise the identity of the courier.
  • Airport Security staff are therefore briefed in advance with regard to the dry shipper, its contents and the identity of the courier

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Terms and Conditions

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